The Secret - Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews | Program Review

The Secret - Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews | Program Review


Manifestation Miracle

Your fate is in fact the result of the decisions you make everyday. Yesterday when I went to the field and hanging out with friends there, I could say that every day unconsciously, our brains make thousands of decisions every day Start of want to get up at what time, what would wear, what to eat, want to watch what, what time bathing. Thousands decision. And friends who heard it said that they were not aware of the process. Some friends even deny it. But indeed so many decisions so that our own was already running without realizing that we are making those decisions.

The next point is, since childhood we live with being in a particular environment, and we learned a lot of about us. We have the role models that we realize we have no idol. Be it our parents, or others. To be sure, we will refer to living there, either consciously or unconsciously.

Speaking about the fate of you today and in the future, can not be separated from the above two points. In this article I do not want to discuss that our fate is in God's hands, because this article will be useless (and not God also gives us the freedom to choose and talent as a human being). So let's play back to our topic that your fate today turned out to be determined on how you make decisions and the role which model you adopted as your destination.

And what the fastest way to change your fate if you were not satisfied with your current condition? The first thing you do is that you must realize that you have full control over all of your life choices. Want step alone, that determines your left or right foot moving first. Once you realize this, remember back to back, big decisions What are you have taken that you are in a position today .....
The next point is, if you have someone who is a role model for your new? If you are not satisfied with your current fate, think of someone you know if you can, that you want to position your life like him. So is good if you know the person because you can ask questions and explore patterns of thought. In business, you may be familiar with the term mentor. But in this context I call it the only role model. Your task recognize your way of thinking role model, and then use the person's way of thinking in making decisions in your life.

By applying such a strategy, there are several advantages that you can get, namely:

    You learn out of your comfort zone, so you are more ready to accept challenges and new opportunities.     You learn to see all things from a different viewpoint with which you would normally use.
    You can solve the problems in your life better.
    You can separate the emotion with logic when making an important decision in your life. And believe me, it will also become one of the most important things that you need to master in your life.

It is wrong if we expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again. If you know that you are not satisfied with your current life, then you need to figure out what needs to change so that you do not take a decision in "the same manner" as before. Note that I emphasize in the context of "how to" take a decision, not a thing that it faces.


Of course since childhood, we often heard the old saying that teaches us to treat others as we want to be treated. Almost everyone agrees and teach also hereditary. I personally strongly disagree and would not do or teach. This is why:

The quote covertly teaches that you and others are 'equal'

The fact is, you and everyone else that is unique and different individuals. Everyone has different preferences For example, when you are stressed, you prefer to go into the room and listen to music, while I prefer shopping for example. Is when you start bad mood, I assume that you took the time shopping as I like shopping? Absolutely not right. You would rather go into the room, plug the earphones and listen to music.

Or for example, you like to eat Sea Food and I love to eat Steak, whether I will always invite you to eat a steak with the assumption that you will like the same thing to me?

The above quote teaches that every person is equal to ourselves, which means, we become insensitive to the needs of others. Good for socializing, we must be sensitive and know the needs of others with the right, not the needs of ourselves and apply to others.

Indeed, there are some things between us have in common. For example, mutual respect, mutual respect, etc. But it would be wise to not knowingly and assume that others equally in all respects without knowing anything about them right.

When you read my writing this, I hope, you begin to see others as unique and special, which is totally different from you and treat them exactly what "they" want, not what you want.